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Care Tips & Warranty

"I focus on longevity, both in style and technique..
....quality is in the small unique details." ,Alkisti


All Alkisti Jewelry are made to last but they are 100% handmade and that means you have to take a bit of care, depending on your lifestyle and skin ph:

 - Store in air tight, dry and dark safe place. 
 - Remove your jewelry prior of: exercise, housekeeping, having a bath or sleep.
 - Prevent jewelry from coming in contact with cleaning or beauty products.
 - Clean gently with soft cotton fabric, warm water and mild soap.
 - Rinse off the soap with lots of cold water and dry the piece carefully.

Please mind the small stud earrings when wearing helmet, hat, scarf or winter clothes. They are small and it ιs easy to loose, so be precautious!

Black oxidization wears away and fade by use, developing an original, aged finish. If you wish, you can easily refresh it at a nearby jewelry studio or send it to us to refresh it free of charge.

We don't use metal plating on our designs, except some platinum plated silver chains. All our metals are solid and adapt naturally to their wearer. Regularly it is suggested to have them checked and refresh their finish. We are glad to do it free of charge!

It is very important to us that you wear and enjoy your jewelry made by Alkisti for a loooong time, for this reason all jewelry have a 5 Years Guarantee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.